Sep 20, 2007

Watcha mean?

How to interpret my tags…

Most of my tags are self-explanatory. However, I have felt a need to define a few of them at one point or another. As I write new posts, I desire to remain consistent with what the tags mean, but find myself having to look back to get a sense of what some mean so that I do not deviate from the original sense (or even cross meanings). So, I am writing this post and including all of my tags in the body with a “sense” definition (also known as range of meaning). I will not attempt to give a “Webster’s” style definition, especially of those that are self-evident, but I will give my own definition where I feel it is helpful. Further, I will place a link to this post in my “Must Reads” section so there is a reference point. Finally, as new tags are added or as tags are expanded, I will update on this post to save administrative irritation.

May the Lord bless and keep you as you seek His face!

-Aaron Hawk


My Tags

  • About Me
    This tag is used anywhere that I have included general information about myself. This information may be about past events, opinions, or just random facts. Thus, if anyone is asking themselves “who is this guy,” the “About Me” tag will aid them in figuring out factual information either about my life or about what “makes me tick.”
  • Akin
    Posts about Daniel Akin (
  • Applied Theology
    These posts include applied theology. I may or may not reference specific scriptures and may or may not be directly addressing theology per se. Instead, I am commenting on or using theology in a more “daily” or “non-technical” sense. In other words, in these posts, I am not necessarily trying to set forth a doctrinal statement or argue (in the formal sense of argue) for a particular theological position, yet I am including theology or theological principles.
  • Appreciation
    These posts are written to specific people, usually with a particular point in mind. They are simply to publicly praise either a single person or a group of people.
  • Book Review
  • Church
    These can be about individual churches or “church” in general
  • Counseling
  • Evangelism
  • God on Sex
    This is a one-time tag for Dr. Akin’s book
  • Home
    These have to do with my literal home here on earth (in other words, not heaven… so no, I’m not claiming to be an alien in the ET sense)
  • Humorous
  • Informational
    These are informational in the sense of administrative issues or “housekeeping”
  • Intimacy
  • Karate
  • Lost
    These are specifically about lost people or non-Christians
  • Love
  • Marriage
  • Martial Arts
  • Meditation
    These are things upon which I have spent a decent amount of time meditating or that originated from a meditation.
  • Mixed Rant
    Most of my rants are about or centered around one main theme, but not so with these
  • My Heart
    Every post I write definitely reflects my heart in one way or another. However, some of them just stand above the others in reflecting the things that touch my heart more than anything. These posts reflect the deepest “cries of my heart,” as the saying goes. This is not to say that others don’t “pull my heart strings,” but these are especially dear! Thus, the “My Heart” tag, will aid anyone who is interested in figuring out the things that touch, mold, and shape me, at the deepest level (or bored enough).
  • Poetry
    This tag is usually for poetry that I have written, though not always .
  • Praise
    These tags are general praise, though usually centered around particular people or situations.
  • Prayer
    This is the most general “prayer oriented” tag. It covers prayers that I have chosen to post, posts about prayer, or posts related to prayer.
  • Prayer Request
  • Random
  • Rant
    These posts are admittedly a rant.
  • Reflection
    These are related to meditations, but more reflective or introspective than my meditations (though sometimes they do overlap). These are posts wherein I reflect back upon an event or situation and try to bring thoughts to bear upon them in a more specific way. These are sometimes self-evaluative, though not always.
  • Relationships
    These tags are about human relationships in general, not necessarily in the boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife sense.
  • Repentance
    Though this can be about repentance in general, it is usually used where I have provided examples of repentance in my own life.
  • Response
    This is used where I have written a response to a specific article or post.
  • Riddle
    This tag is used for riddles that I have written
  • Sarcasm
    I appreciate good sarcasm, though I recognize that it can be dangerous. Thus, this is used where I am admittedly being sarcastic.
  • Sex
  • Song
    These are usually songs that I have written, though not necessarily
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Teaser
    These are posts in which I am playing with the readers. They are mental in nature and I am curious to see the reactions or ideas that they get.
  • Thanksgiving
    These are posts in which I express thanksgiving, usually directed toward Christ (ie: thankful for what Christ has done / is doing in my life).
  • Theology
    These are posts in which I interact a little more directly with theology. I still may not be trying to put forward a doctrinal statement, but I am stating theology / making theological assertations in a more direct way.

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