Feb 20, 2008

Aaron’s Cold Lessons Learned - Top Ten

Yes folks, you can write it down in history… Aaron Hawk was cold tonight (probably from a combination of being extremely tired and standing outside for what seemed like forever). On top of enjoying taking pictures as I so often do, I also learned several things tonight.

Top Ten Things I Learned Tonight:

1 - I learned that my “thermostat” is not completely broken (contrary to popular opinion); I do actually feel temperature differences.

2 - I finally learned / understand the invention of the scarf (or in my case, extra bed sheet ;) and that it can be a very welcome thing, especially when held in place by a hat.

3 - I learned that condensation from breathing through a bed sheet not only makes your glasses foggy, but will actually result in water droplets forming and further blur your vision (which just makes me all the more sure I want to get rid of glasses!).

4 - I learned that gloves are quite helpful sometimes and that repeatedly taking them off to change camera settings will, in fact, make your hands extremely cold and eventually very slow moving (not to mention defeats the purpose of wearing them in the first place).

5 - I learned that people in puffy jackets (and other winter attire) won’t stay out there the whole time either and that pacing in circles only does so much where warmth is concerned.

6 - I learned / finally understand why people refuse to call my black wind-breaker thingy a “jacket” and can no longer argue that it should be considered “winter clothing.”

7 - I learned that working out too much yesterday, sitting for over 10 hours doing homework today, and then standing still in the cold for so long will indeed give you a leg cramp.

8 - I learned that entering a hot building is not always a bad thing and can actually be quite pleasurable

9 - I learned how to make instant hot chocolate. No, I am actually not joking (though it was not hard to figure out). The last time I can remember having hot chocolate was either a few months ago at Starbucks or when I was little and wasn’t the one that made it… I sincerely do not remember making any as an adult (normally I am just not much of a “hot drink” person).

10 - Best of all, I learned that gas ranges make great instant campfires!!! (since of course I don’t think the seminary would like an actual one in the middle of the courtyard ;)

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