Mar 5, 2008

Beauty Revisited

Hey guys, still quite under the burden of my studies and still dying to be able to finish the series. Today especially I have had a very strong desire to write out at least the next section or two (frankly, at this point I’d like to take about a month’s sabbatical so to speak and just finish the entire thing). Yet, discipline, obligation, and the privilege of my circumstances call me to my reading and to study. I did however, in a weaker moment of discipline, run across something I posted a while back. For various reasons (some of which I am not sure of and some of which would take an entire post to explain), it really resonated with me yet again today. Thus, I wish to share with you… who knows, perhaps someone else may be reflecting on some of the same things (after all, we frail beings do indeed like confirmation and affirmation ;). May you know Christ and then rest firmly in the warmth of His arms, listening to the beat of His heart!

Here’s the link:

In Christ,

Aaron Hawk
Prov 16.9


Ryan said...

hey man, just wanted to say hey!

A-Hawk said...

Hey... but alas, which Ryan is this? Thanks for the comment either way though :)