Nov 22, 2009

Short, Blunt, and to the Point

Some of you who are used to my normal mode of writing may be surprised by this one. Despite having a blunt personality that despises being “flowery,” over the years I have learned (LEARNED) to use a little wisdom and try to reason with people, rather than just beating them over the head with truth and leaving it between them and God (this is my true personality, sorry guys but I’m a prophet by nature). Thus, though I normally choose to nicely with lots of explanation, qualifiers, and much padding in order to try to get truth into the heart, this time I’m just going to be a prophet.

There are really only two views of the world / of existence. The first is to defy all logic and good science and choose to believe that there is no such thing as god or at least an intelligent designer. The second is to believe that a god must exist and then to figure out if he has explained what he wants or not. If he has, then we’re extremely stupid not to obey.

Some in the scientific community want everyone to believe that evolution apart from any possibility of intelligent design is the only logical, scientific possibility. This is simply not true. Science itself demands that life had to begin somewhere. They say that people who believe in religion or intelligent design believe in a fairy tale, yet it is they who have zero explanation of the beginning of life. For the record, I’m not even speaking of evolution vs Christianity here, it is entirely logical to believe in id, without believing that the God of the Bible is the creator. Those are two separate debates. Most, if not all, of the foremost and prominent evolutionists will admit that the prospect of God is not palatable and thus, they choose to believe in evolution (the young and un-learned ones still think that it is illogical to believe in id, rather than realizing it is a choice and not a conclusion to hold that belief). They have no explanation for the beginning of life. The theory of old, is the primordial soup theory which morphed (evolved) into various other arguments that all require a magical jump from non-living matter to a living cell (which is scientifically impossible, no matter how much “long ago and far away” you give it). The most recent explanation I became aware of was when watching Expelled and the interview with none other than Prof Richard Dawkins himself. When nailed down on this question he “hemmed and hawed” (as the Southern expression goes) and said perhaps some other super technologically-advanced civilization came to earth and “seeded” the earth. Um… aliens, seriously… that’s the best the “there’s absolutely no way intelligent design can possibly be true because I say so anc can’t stand the implications of admitting it could be true” community can come up with?! What in the world… literlally! He said he’s certain that God does not exist, but offers no evidence, it is self-evident to him in his magical little world. You know, I think I liked the guy an interview or two before him… he just illogically stuck to his guns and said that life may have possibly come to be on the back of crystals… at least he just acted like the five-year old logic he held to and when asked, just kept laughing and saying “I just told you” (though all he said was just that). Though I didn’t intend this as a commentary on the movie, at least Dr. Will Provine of Cornell is honest and candid and has accepted with both arms the natural, logical conclusion of all evolutionary theory. He will burn in hell, but I greatly respect his consistency, frankness, and for following through on his own logic. Don’t misunderstand me, I wish it weren’t so, but it is true nonetheless. When two people come to the same evidence and one chooses to believe one thing and another chooses the other (and they are both logically consistent about it), I have to respect that. Bravo Dr Provine!

Science is a wonderful thing and it is a long-standing passion of mine. I love it, especially cellular biology. I studied diligently and hard and learned a lot in high school and in my undergrad at both a state tech school, and the Christian college I later attended. The thing I came to realize, however, is that science has its limits. That sounds simple enough and obvious enough, but so often in our culture science is hailed as the end-all-be-all of knowledge. It is great, but it has massive limits. The primary limit is that the community has adopted evolution as its religion and yet, this is incompatible with the essence of true science. What is worse, is that it is now making claims it cannot support and employing horrendous logic to try to defend itself and blindly refusing to admit the truth.

What is the truth? In the context of this discussion, the truth is that evolution is based on faith. All of the arguments, all of the evidence of one thing or the other, all of the red-herrings and flawed logic cannot deny the fact that they don’t have any answers as to how life began. Not only that, but those answers are not possible to discover by the very tenants or pillars of science! I just wish most of them would be consistent and admit that evolution is a choice that may be at least partially based in science, but is ultimately based on faith, a religious view. Christianity too really comes down to faith. There are many, many proofs that could be offered (and I could write many myself). However, in the end, it really does just come down to faith. Faith that God is who He says, that the Bible has been preserved, that the God of the Bible is the one and only true God, etc, etc. If it could be proven that Christianity is false, I would abandon it in a heartbeat. In fact, I will go a step further, further than most Christians can or will. Sometimes I wish it weren’t true because my carnal nature would rather do whatever it wants and the demands of God are not convenient to those carnal desires. Yet, I am entirely convinced that Christianity is true, and willingly and gladly submit to a loving and good Creator, Jesus Christ. I thus rejoice in the salvation of Christ and delight myself with Him and in Him. I love Christ for what He has done for me!

Aside from foundational issues, there is one other way I am logically different from those believers in evolution, at least I can admit that it comes down to faith.

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