Jun 30, 2013

Capital Karate Mount Pleasant

In February of 2012, my wife and I moved back to my home, South Carolina to work and prepare for the next step in ministry. While seeking the Lord's will, I served as the transitional pastor for St. Johns Baptist in Pinopolis, SC and helped them re-constitute the church and call a full-time pastor.
After much prayer we began pursuing bi-vocational ministry as a way to build the Kingdom, reach the world, and utilize the gifts and talents the Lord has given us. We recently started Capital Karate in Mount Pleasant, SC as a way to support our work from a tent-making perspective. You can find more information about the studio on our website here and below. We are very excited about this as it is a passion of mine. I have been teaching since 1996 and in that time I've seen many different programs and studios and I can confidently say this is a truly unique program that focuses on character development as well as the martial arts, it truly provides the best of both. Please pray with us that the Lord will bless this business and thus give us the freedom to serve more in His Kingdom!
Find out more about Capital Karate in Mount Pleasant, SC below or by going to the website:
Capital Karate is the place to go in Mount Pleasant SC (and the greater Charleston Area) for karate classes, and other martial arts instruction. With a lifetime of industry experience, our instructors offer top-quality martial arts education for the whole family!
Welcome to the Charleston Area’s newest Martial Arts school in Mount Pleasant, SC! Capital Karate is not just a martial arts school.  We are a leadership academy, focusing on creating leaders. Not just here at our karate academy, but at home, school, and in the community.
How are we different from other martial arts schools?
We specialize in helping families train and earn their black belts together. Whether young or old(er), your family can all train in the same class together.  We encourage moms and dads to jump in and take the same class! For the family that is already commuting to and fro, or that just wants a great family activity, this is great news!
In Mount Pleasant and the Charleston area, convenience of the commute is a must. This is why Capital Karate is conveniently and centrally located to serve Mount Pleasant and the greater Charleston area. We are an easy drive if you live in Mount Pleasant, Downtown Charleston, or North Charleston. If you live in West Ashley, most families only have to drive about 10-15 minutes to arrive at our location.
Call or text 843-813-1573 to schedule your free, introductory martial arts leadership lesson to find out why our program is so popular!
Are you a Parent?
Discover how we teach life lessons/skills in a clean, safe, professionally operated martial arts academy.  Contact us here capitalkaratemp@gmail.com or at 843-813-1573 to receive additional information.
Our program uses martial arts to give your child the tools they need to:
  • Improve Their Grades
  • Be Physically Fit
  • Be Super Confident Leaders
Our Mount Pleasant Martial Arts school is the perfect way to increase self-defense skills or simply improve discipline.  Call us today and let's set up a free lesson for your entire family!
With our unique approach and curriculum, we can help everyone become better and achieve their goals! Whether you are interested in the martial arts for yourself or looking for a place where your entire family can train in karate together, we have the right program for you!  Contact us to see for yourself!
Capital Karate of Mount Pleasant is conveniently and centrally located to serve Mount Pleasant and the greater Charleston area. Contact us to see for yourself how our Mount Pleasant location can help your whole family achieve their goals and have fun together!
Capital Karate has opened it’s newest location in Mount Pleasant, SC! Run by Chief Instructor Aaron Hawk, your family has the opportunity to train under a seasoned martial arts instructor! Mr. Hawk has been teaching martial arts for 17 years, and brings a high level of energy, fun, discipline, and respect to every class. Classes aren’t just for kids either, but designed for the entire family. Our memberships are reasonably priced— once you pay for 2 family members, everyone else trains for free!
What Does A Typical Capital Karate Class Look Like?
One of the things that makes our classes very unique is the amount of structure that we require. Students are lined up according to height, and are taught to be very precise in their movements. At the beginning of each class, we recite our student oath, which teaches and reminds us how to think about ourselves, and how to treat others. Then, Mr. Hawk will discuss the monthly Leadership Life Skill. Our academy’s goal is to train each student to become a leader, not a follower, and to always do their very best. Effective leadership skills are the most recognizable characteristic of successful and high achieving individuals. They are also the skills that parents most desire for their children to learn.
Our 9 Leadership Life Skills:
  1. Setting and Achieving Goals
  2. Showing Courtesy
  3. Developing a Positive, Black Belt Attitude
  4. Demonstrating Respect for Yourself and Others
  5. Honor
  6. Perseverance
  7. Loyalty
  8. Self-Control
  9. Integrity
Enroll at Capital Karate in Mount Pleasant, and give your children the gift of leadership, self-defense, and excellence!
What is Your Program Like?
Our classes are family-based, and very structured. We stress non-violent conflict resolution, how to avoid dangerous situations, and practical self-defense techniques for getting away from a range of situations. One of the main aspects of our training involves helping our students avoid being the victims of bullies. Our realistic training includes a mix of various martial arts including karate, krav maga, and aikido.
Leaders are always victors and never victims. Your children will be taught that their martial arts skills are for self-defense only, and they will have a clear understanding of being personally responsible for their actions and attitudes.
Unique to Mount Pleasant Capital Karate, we incorporate special programs into your child’s class plans:
  • A safe modern approach to teaching traditional martial arts values
  • Develop basic athletic skills, fundamentals and fitness
  • Character & life skills lessons for kids
Kids who learn to defend themselves usually will never have to. They learn to walk with confidence and are less apt to be a prime target for bullies and / or abductors. Kids with a high level of self-confidence are also better able to deal with negative peer pressure and can “just say no” to dangerous situations and threatening people.
How To Get Your Child Started with Martial Arts Classes in Mount Pleasant, SC:
Call (843) 813-1573 and schedule a trial program for your child. You will be given a tour of our training facility, and get to meet the instructors. This gives you the opportunity to see if our program is right for you and your family. Our tuition rates are reasonable, competitive and affordable. We look forward to meeting you and making a difference in the life of your child!
Also check out our Capital Karate in Mount Pleasant, SC Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CapitalKarateMP

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