Oct 8, 2007

Time out please!

Just a quick one here guys. I just want to let my faithful audience know (all two of you) what’s going on. Some of you are aware of a large post that I have been working on. Most of you should be aware of the fact that I was sick for about six or seven weeks. I was just beginning to feel better about the time our reading week started (and the timing was definitely the providence and grace of God). Due to the illness, I was absolutely exhausted. I was counting on the reading week to get a lot of things done academically that I had put off. I also had other obligations that I had put off. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas. I guess I was more tired than I thought because I spent the majority of the first half of the week asleep. I have never slept so much in my life. After these couple of days, I felt 100% better (some meds and some sleep and I feel better… go figure). That said, I was not able to get nearly as much accomplished over the break as I had hoped.

Thus, as much as you know I want to work on this large post / enjoy working on it (if you are aware of what I’m talking about), I must delay completing it. It is roughly half-way complete, so I promise it is coming, but I must do what is necessary before other things. I try desperately to be a man of honor and integrity. I have spoken with some of you about this and even mentioned to a few that I hoped to have it posted by the end of this past week. With the above in mind, I had hoped to finish by this afternoon, but I must focus on my scholastic obligations. Thus, I am providing this explanation.

May the Lord bless and comfort each of you as you respond to His voice!

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