Nov 15, 2007

I’m An Air Sniffer

Ok, this is not the big one, but just had to share…

It is interesting to me the things that fascinate me / us (don’t get too lost in that logical circle :). Last night I was walking with a friend outside and, being quite rude, stopped him mid-sentence to comment on the smell in the air. There are a handful of smells that always stop me in my tracks, I “couldn’t help myself.” It was that cool, fresh-rain smell combined with the robust and full smell of fresh pine. I have no idea what exactly it is about those smells, but I just love them! In the insanity that is my way of reasoning, I also realized there is something about this that is to teach me about Christ. I will not take this very far, attributing all sorts of things to this. The simple thought that came to my mind was that this “sweet savor” is like unto our prayers and supplications to our God… our supplications are literally pleasing to Christ! May I please Him!!! Sometimes the deepest things are also the most simple!

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