Feb 26, 2009

The Pornification of a Culture - shared article from www.AlbertMohler.com

Hey guys, I am still here and hope to start writing again soon, though I have said that a bunch of times by now. I'm not one to share other blog writer's things very often, and especially not from the leadership of Southern Seminary. It's not because I don't often find myself in agreement with them or that I dislike them. Quite frankly, there is just enough of a rebellious nature in me, that I don't want to be associated with or viewed as one of those students who blindly follow the mob of mindless theology students hanging on every word of the worshipped professor-of-choice. I have a brain of my own and I am quite capable of thought. Herein I’m revealing how messed up I am and if I were to counsel myself (which I try to do very often) I would tell myself that my identity is in Christ and not in the thoughts of others. It is true, my focus is off in this. My instant reaction is to simply not say the above, and yet that is covering of sin and a denial of striving to live transparently before men that sanctification may have its full effect. This also reveals my pride, that I want credit for my thoughts as distinct from those of others. Man, I am truly a messed up sinner apart from Christ! The truth here though (again, if I were to counsel myself) is that there is no such thing as an original thought. No matter how intelligent you are, you are (I am) an idiot, totally dependent upon those who came before me. Even the most brilliant people that have ever arisen, have done so on the backs of those they may have looked down upon, had they met them in person. Even the use of the English language and thought-pattern comes from someone, somewhere, that was much smarter than me… a lot of them. To take it even a step further, and to the ultimate truth, it is ALL dependent upon the continued, sustaining work of Christ, who is God and at the same time God’s son, one person of the Trinity. Our knowledge and ability are a mere shadow of what was given to us, much less what is. To say this seems to indicate some level of understanding on the subject and yet, to One who truly understands, it is complete darkness. Ok, anyway, my rant is over for the moment… can you tell I’m eager to begin writing again :). I’m sharing this one for two reasons. First, because I’m shocked and appalled, and yet not at all, by the subject matter and I believe it is extremely important. I'm not shocked at pornography mind you, those of you who know me or have read my other posts know that I have seen the devastation of pornography in my own family. Instead, my shock is at how publicly acceptable it is, under such a ridiculous guise, and especially at the point of the public library.Second, because I haven’t written in a while and it’s easy since I don’t have the time at the moment to do my own writing.


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