Jan 24, 2009

Fire in Our Backyard

hey guys, just a quick one right now.

I’ve heard being a chiropractor is a hot business, but this is ridiculous! Ok, ok, I’m bad, I know. There was a very bad fire here last night / this morning and these are some pics after it was somewhat under control.

At about 7 or 7:30, someone rang our doorbell. I am an insanely hard sleeper, unless something weird happens, then I'm up like a shot. I checked out the window and couldn't see anyone. I checked the peep-hole and still nothing, checked the kitchen window, still nothing. My mind immediately thought it may be a home invasion or some other lunatic thing like that and they were using the front door as a distraction while preparing to come in the back (I know, I’m weird). Right about the time I was going to give up and go back to bed, I noticed headlights parking in front of our apt. I looked out the kitchen window again and noticed the reflection of a HUGE fire. I figured it must be the duplex next door and told Michelle. Right about that time, we noticed the fire behind us and it turned out to be the Chiropractor’s office behind our apt… the one RIGHT next to the gas station!!!

We forget how many times the Lord protects us... our every breath is only by His declaration and grace! May we never have to endure a fire and lose all that we hold dear, but if that should come, may we stay continually depend upon Him… it truly is all chaff anyway!

To view all the pictures (totally raw and unedited) go HERE

To view my favs / "the best" (hand-picked and occasionally cropped for effect), go HERE


ordi said...

pictures? where? did you take some? :) i think you forgot to post them! ... or did you mean "verbal" pictures you were painting by explaining the scenario?

A-Hawk said...

oh, well, of course I meant verbal pictures... what else could I have meant! *grins sheepishly*

Ok, I'm being bad again, I guess I forgot to post the link I intended to post, perhaps =-)

I'll post it now, thanks Ordi! (still miss you)

A-Hawk said...

...or is that baaaaaad... ha ha!