Jul 3, 2007

Urgent Prayer Needed

Well, I find myself asking you guys for prayer once again. Some of you may remember my Facebook post about my dad a while back and some of you may already know the situation. However, for most of you, this will be new. I will provide minimal background as to post the details would probably harm a number of people, including family. Different people heal differently and some things just can’t be discussed in such an open manner. Though I myself have zero problems discussing the most detailed and dirty aspects of my life, in this case, it involves the private and close-to-the-heart issues of other people’s lives. Thus, wisdom demands that I keep silent on those things; though I would much rather share the full gloriousness of what Christ has done in my life.

The minimal background is that my dad has done some of the most despicable things imaginable. He lives in a world of self-deception so dark and twisted that he no longer has a point of reference for reality. As he once advised me, the only way to be a successful liar is to, at least partially, believe the lie yourself. The problem is that when these lines are crossed, “North” no longer exists. For him, it is a coping mechanism to deal with guilt.

Unfortunately for him, he grew up around the church, rejecting and becoming numb to the Gospel. He knows the text of the Bible better than many Christians and has enough intellect left (after much alcohol) to debate fairly well. My point is that he has convinced himself that he is a Christian. Well-meaning, but spineless Christians have catered to him. Others are simply ignorant of the scriptures, which declare that if we claim to have fellowship with Christ, yet walk in darkness, we are liars (1 John 1.6); for what fellowship hath light with darkness?! Anyway, I do not mean to go on about that, but some of you are bound say to yourself, “man, this guy is claiming to know the condition of another man’s heart… how arrogant!” Yet, in that, you judge me and discount many of the New Testament teachings. Thus, I have included this info.

My point is that I have been witnessing to my dad for about five years now, VERY strongly for the last year or so. He called me for (I believe) the first time since eighth grade a while back, in the middle of a crisis (this is major!). Since then, he and I have spoken several times. In our last conversation, he requested that I visit him this summer (I can’t tell you how odd this is). With my schedule, that would mean that I would make the visit the week of July 30. It also means that I would be missing about a week of work, which means losing around $800-$1000, which is not something I can afford; yet what is that compared to the value of a person’s soul?! Thus, my bank account may demand the work, but Forever demands a faithful witness to a truly lost sheep. If not then, perhaps on the first break from school.
I am asking that you guys would please pray for wisdom, discernment, and ultimately a move of the Spirit of Christ. My dad could have one of the most incredible testimonies I’ve ever heard, if only he would come to Christ instead of falsely trusting in fire-insurance.


Terry said...


Just wanted you to know I lifted you and your father up in prayer just now.

As someone who watched his own father come to Christ in his 50s, I want to encourage you. Our Lord is merciful and gracious and He can change hearts that we think are impossible to change.

Keep prayin' bro!

A-Hawk said...

Thanks very much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. Also, thanks for leaving a comment; I was beginning to wonder if anyone read this thing. Again, thank you so much for your prayers!!!

A-Hawk said...

Just a quick update. There is nothing to update. He has continued in his old ways and has not followed through on the visit. Please keep praying for him!