Aug 27, 2007

I am Human, forgive me ;-)

This is another one that is straight from my heart. Before I continue, I want to say that, as always, I love comments and would encourage any that you might leave (positive or negative, I really don’t mind). However, due to the nature of the subject, I would sincerely ask that you not leave any cliché comments, such as “you’ll find someone someday.” Dealing with things we don’t understand, we rarely know what to say, yet we want the person to be encouraged. That is fine and I understand the tendency, but I am fine. My refuge is the Lord and my identity is in Him. If you want a more detailed explanation of where I stand, I would encourage you to read one of my previous posts entitled “Sweet Wine.” So, for the record, I am not having a faith crisis, I am not doubting God, I am not bitter. I am human. As such, if you are human, you surely have felt this way at one point or another. I think one of the greatest tragedies in modern Christianity (the only perspective from which I can truly speak), is that there is a strain of bad theology and pseudo-devotion that demands we never be honest about human emotions. God created human emotions and it is only when we are ruled by them that they are bad. Finally, please forgive me for my strong words, but it really bothers me when we can’t be honest. Ok, after a post’s worth of rambling…

I wrote the lyrics below to a tune that I love very much, and which I feel expresses the mood very well (see info on tune itself at the bottom of this post).

Send Her To Me

Lord in your word, you said it was
Not good for me, to be a-lone
Yet I’m a-lone, and wai-ting still
For you to move, and your hand to, provide

Oh Lord my God, send her to me
Weary am I, of wa-i-ting
Yet you are good, al-ways to me
So I’m a-ssured, you’re wor-king in, our lives

And if she be, al-rea-dy near
Lord help me not, look o-ver her
But help me see, her as you do
So beau-ti-ful, in eve-ry way, in you

Lord in con-ten-tment let me rest
Until you bring, my love to me
I know your plan, is best for me
So help me rest, with-in your arms, ‘till then

When in your time, and in your way
Your plan’s revealed, to both of us
Unto your side, help us to cleave
And there re-main, one flesh in you, our Lord

The tune is “Hunter’s Glen” by James D. Cram, 1970. It can be found in the 1975 Baptist Hymnal or you can listen (and read the lyrics) at (if it does not load correctly delete the “bphym312.mid” and then look for number 312. I will add that the hymn on this site plays MUCH faster than I like to sing it, so you may have to slow it down to get the sense (and for the purposes of this song, it is really better with just a piano or a violin). Below is the sheet music from the original song

Click below to see the video of this song the way I like it played... by me ;)

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A-Hawk said...

Hey guys, for all those that don’t read music (and I don’t read it very well), I want to provide a concrete way to follow the song with the lyrics. Thus, I will provide a time breakdown below…

First Stanza Breakdown
1st line – 0-7 sec
2nd line – 8-14 sec
3rd line – 16-22 sec
4th line – 23-32 sec

Stanza Breakdowns
First – 0-32 sec
Second – 34-1:05
Third – 1:06-1:36
Fourth – 1:38-2:04
Fifth – 2:11-2:53

Note: I was trying to play (however poorly) for feel / mood, not for timing, thus the timing not being completely consistent. Blessings in Christ to you all!