Aug 20, 2007

What’s in a Name

Well, randomness is not something that should surprise you where I am concerned, but here’s another random one ;)

Proverbs 22.1 says that a good name is to be desired more than great riches. I have always liked my name. I do not mean in the sense that I think it’s just “all that,” but I like it. Overall, I have never found it to be associated with anything too negative and actually didn’t even know there were any other “Aaron Hawks,” though I have never been so naive enough as to think that others didn’t exist. A year or two ago, I got curious and “Googled” my name and found a few others out there, though the name was still not popular by any means. It has been a while, I got curious again, so I did it again (I know, some of you are thinking “man this kid has no life!” To that, I would respond that you don’t either since you are reading this ;).

This time there were a lot more “Aaron Hawks” than last time. It is very interesting what you find when you Google your own name. Below is the non-comprehensive, but fairly accurate summary of what I found.

So far…

there’s a pornographic photographer

A few misc students

Someone with Aaron J Hawk… that’s kinda creepy :/

Statistics of the popularity of the name Aaron (ironically spiked around the time I was born… hmmm)

A famous boxer

A character on Soldier of Fortune

Some random Chinese guy

Some 15 year old kid who writes in Chinese (not sure if related to the above, but don’t believe it’s the same guy)

A reference to my name in a rap song (not sure what Aaron Hawk it is referring to)

Some cobalt programmer

Some guy at taco bell driving a jeep (this one is actually a video)

A college student that enjoys driving a 4x4 (perhaps the same guy as above), who is into the Martial Arts

Some German site

A band named Hawk Nelson with a guy named Aaron, that evidently knocked Toby Mac down on stage

Some random actor (who evidently really needs work), who lists, among his interests / talents, Martial Arts and Archery

The name of a band, described as “ambient psychedelic cult Band from Nuremberg”

And finally, a few hits that really are me.

Hmmmm, interesting…

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