May 26, 2007

God on Sex: The Creator's Ideas About Love, Intimacy and Marriage” by Daniel Akin

Originally posted 2:49pm Saturday, Nov 25, 2006 on Facebook

One thing theology students do plenty of, is read. As much as I enjoy reading about the Bible and studying about Christ, my research (I am ashamed to admit) often becomes purely academic. I, on the other hand, am primarily a practical / “applicational” person. I can’t stand theology for the sake of theology. To the core of my being, doctrine without devotion is dead. That said, I find much of my research to be a great mental exercise, but sometimes rather dry. However, every once in a while in my research, I run across a diamond, a refreshing chance to really meditate on God’s word, applied to, and in, a very practical area of life.

One of my courses this semester is “Theology of Marriage” with Dr. Mohler, which has been a great class. An optional reading for this class was “God on Sex: The Creator's Ideas About Love, Intimacy and Marriage” by Daniel Akin.

Wow, what a book. I could not possibly begin to explain what a delight it was to read. So many of the things I have been taught or conclusions to which I have come were confirmed and so much was learned. Beyond that, the realization that, as always, I have so much to learn. Much will not be fully understood (or understood at all) until I am married, but it’s great to study ahead and try to be as prepared as possible.

The book is centered on Song of Songs (or Solomon). It is written like a parent taking a child through the book, trying to explain not only its theological meaning, but also applying it to practical issues at the same time. The author tries to explain the issues that both sexes have, do, and will face in marriage. The book takes the reader through dating, courtship, and marriage. It provided sage advise on things such as the selection of a potential spouse, confirming the selection throughout the relationship, final considerations before marriage, and then, finally, how to guard, protect, and sanctify your marriage. The book even covers how to have a great wedding. In the final chapters, and throughout, the book deals with how to please and lift up your spouse. Naturally, by the title, the book also deals with sexual issues, especially guarding against selfishness and serving your spouse especially in this area.

Bottom line, I think this is one of the best books I have ever read. I believe it will prove to be an invaluable resource for anyone, both leading up to and especially in marriage. I would STRONGLY advise any single person to read it now, as preparation for marriage.

I was LITERALLY either crying or laughing the ENTIRE time!


Heather said...

Sounds like quite the interesting book, Aaron. I'd heard pretty positive things said about it before, but nothing which spoke to the various aspects of the book as thoroughly as you've done here. Thanks for the review; I may have to pick up a copy sometime this summer.

Did you enjoy the rest of the reading for that class?

A-Hawk said...

Oh yes, it was a very good class. The bibliography provided for the course was quite extensive (boy do I sound “clichély” nerdy :) and has some great resources on it. The required readings were also very interesting. Most were very good, but naturally there were readings from some that do not agree with “us” (well actually sometimes not naturally, but it should be if we are to be truly educated, but there I go segueing into another post for another day, again). We read Augustine on Sex and a few others that were just kinda out there.

Yes, I would very highly recommend the book. I can’t remember if I said it this in the blog or not (probably not), but this book will be a prerequisite for my future wife and I to work through before marriage (among one or two others). Thanks for the encouragement too!