May 15, 2007

Quick Response to an Attack on the Sanctity of Marriage

Originally posted 2:04am Friday, Feb 16 2007 on Facebook

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I discovered this article in a discussion on the facebook group "Sanctity of Marriage" so look there for more discussion

This note is a quick and tired response...

Yes, this bothers me immensely. This author is totally missing the point, though I appreciate Lithwick’s attempt at ‘sober’ conversation and reason, instead of the usual “you guys are idiots” approach. Marriage in and of itself is religious in nature and based on the revealed Word of God, known as the Bible. God is the originator of marriage and thus the authority on what it should and shouldn’t be. Now I must admit, if we are truly going to ‘separate church and state’ then the gov should get out of the marriage process altogether. However, separation of church and state was never meant to be what it is made to be today. Further, religion of some sort can NEVER be removed from a gov, as we as humans are religious. Like it or not, that is the case. Contrary to Nietzsche, God is not dead. Through our so-called enlightenment, the belief in God has persisted, specifically the God of the scriptures. Thus, it is not God who is dead, but Nietzsche himself that has died. It is a failed philosophy by a dead man (in both senses). If it were possible to remove religion from the gov, mind you “if,” a consensus would be impossible. No moral compass would exist and anarchy would reign. What I’m leading up to is Nihilism. The end result of Nihilism, if anyone were ever truly a Nihilist, is suicide. By this I mean if anyone ever TRULY grasped / believed that knowledge is impossible, it would literally drive them insane (an impossible conclusion at which to arrive by the way) and they would self-destruct. My point is that the authority rests on the God of the Bible. I realize this is choppy, but I just ran across this article. I had to comment, but it is late and I am tired.

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