May 20, 2007

I'm an addict... thank you!

Once again I stand in complete amazement as I realize (once again) what amazing and encouraging friends I am blessed of the Lord to have!!! In (and because of) this realization, I am continually humbled, literally falling on my face before God, thanking Him for placing such incredible people in my life. I am SO thankful for you all and am continually renewed by your love, your encouragement, even your simple presence. It is truly good for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity!

The number one way I connect with people is physical touch, so for those that are willing to put up with my playing around (and allow me the delusion that you enjoy it ;), you have no idea how much I need to play this way and how much you delight my heart in this. For those that are huggers, I literally cannot express how much you mean to me. By the simple, pure act of a hug, you are ministering to my soul (in a way that nothing else can)!

For those that are not huggers or don’t play around with me, please understand that you minister to my soul as well. Just as my spiritual life will be negatively affected by a lack of physical touch (seriously folks), I cannot subsist without deep, deep conversations, and the more sober moments of life, to compliment my more zany side. Thus, no matter what particular way you minister to me, I am dependent upon you. Thanks be to Christ Jesus our Lord (my ultimate sustainer), for the way He has ordained for His body to function!!!

Though this note sincerely goes out to ALL of my friends and has been coming for some time now, I do want to include a special “thank you” to those that were here tonight (you know who you are). I enjoyed our fellowship more than you know and am so thankful that you came. I literally wanted to cry (and am now, reflecting upon it) when I looked into your eyes and saw the sincerity and depth of your encouragement and love. I am truly unworthy of such exceptional friends, brothers, and sisters!!!

This last section is going to sound really sappy / corny, but it is from the heart. I hope that you do not doubt the sincerity of this note on the whole, or this last section. I am so amazed at the fellowship and friendships that I have here, I sometimes feel as if I am in a dream and if I breathe, it will all vanish. Yet, I am so confident of the sincerity of your friendship that I know you won’t! I am literally addicted to you guys. This, is the primary reason I don’t want to leave this summer. If I’m home, I can’t get my fix!

I wish that I were skilled enough to use words that would accurately convey the depth of my love and appreciation for you all, but I am unskilled and inept in this regard. I will simply close by saying thank you for allowing me to get to know you!!!

With an overflowing heart of gratitude and love,

Aaron HawkJohn 3:30

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