May 22, 2007

Going Home for the Summer

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know I’m going home for the summer. Thus, my posts will (probably) be less frequent, but have no fear, they will not drop to less than once per week!!! (some of you are cheering, some crying ;) Ah yes… back to pullin’ wire!!!

Please don’t be shy about emailing, calling, or using Facebook as I'd love to hear from you (my email is listed below on the prayer wall).

Gonna miss you all and can’t wait to get back up here!

All love in Christ,

Aaron Hawk
Col 2:6,7


Heather said...

Aw...we're all sorry to see you go, Aaron. But even though you'll be greatly missed, I hope your summer ends up being an enjoyable, lucrative, and edifying one!

Also, I'm glad there's now a comment option for us "non-Google-ites!" :)

A-Hawk said...

Thanks once again for your encouragement. As I've shared before (in fact with someone else literally like 30 sec ago), I still don't know why this was the Lord's will for me this summer, but have no doubt it is, there was just too much for it not to be. That said, I just hope I can fulfill whatever purpose there is for me here (and can't wait to get back!).

No prob, hey, I'm just glad to know someone reads my insanity ;)